"Know Your Boat" an Exciting New Series, Limited Edition

I am excited to introduce you to John Jensen, my brother-in-law and a very talented artist. I have invited him to design a line of t-shirts. His new designs will be a series called “Know Your Boat” and will be available for a limited time only. So grab yours quickly.

 And now, here are a few words from John: 

“First, I’d like to thank Jan for inviting me to design some nautical images for her t-shirt store. It’s a project that brings me full circle in many ways.

My design career started in the mid-60s when the rock posters coming out of San Francisco caught my eye.

I learned silk-screen printing, and soon I was designing and printing posters and t-shirts for High School and other events in the garage. Since then I have spent my life designing print pieces for myriad clients.

For this project, the “Know Your Boat” series, my intent is to combine common nautical terms or phrases, with a simple image and bold typography—in a strict format—to create a visually united series. In alphabetical order. And black or white only.

Just like the old days!”